OiOiOi is a creative hub founded by Kjetil Skårdal Andersen, Stian Alessandro Ekkernes Rossi, and Bjørnar Øvrebø in 2021. We are small studio with a constantly expanding network of creative professionals who share our passion for telling stories and inspire true interdisciplinarity. We are committed to fostering a culture of creativity and collaborations, and believe that the best ideas come from working together.

We are constantly seeking new and exciting projects to collaborate on, whether with new clients, freelancers, or other collaborators. If you have an idea that will make people say "oi!," please drop us an email , contact us on LinkedIn or visit Instagram.

Selected clients:

REV Ocean, Volkswagen, Kreftforeningen, Atelje Lyktan, Sally Doberman, Asus Nordic, Grette, Snøhetta, D2, Fornace Brioni, Studio Plastique, Hydro, Vestre, NoMy, Nordic Choice Hotels, Strawberry, Munch, Sondre Justad, Skanska, R8, Saferock, Erik Jørgensen, The Nobel Peace Centre, Schjærven, Hyundai & Georg Jensen.

Stian Alessandro Ekkernes Rossi

Art Director / Founding Partner


Kjetil Skårdal Andersen

Head of Film / Founding Partner


Bjørnar Øvrebø

Photographer / Founding Partner