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Sally & NoMy

Mycelium is the vegetative part of a fungus – the entire underground network of the fungal system. Through developing new meat alternatives, new bio-composites and new protein sources based on the untapped potential of mycelium, Norwegian company NoMy seeks to contribute to a more sustainable global food production.

OiOiOi has delved into the ground to document this hidden underworld of the root-like filaments of fungi, to visualize something that is never really available for humans to see. In this project, OiOiOi captures the living fungi organisms – how they grow, reproduce and develop. And in turn how humans can manipulate this process by dehydrating the fungi, terminating growth and putting the mycelium into production to be transformed to edible delicacies.

  • Client
    Linnea Becker
    Doberman Sally
  • Client
    David Andrew Quist
  • Art Direction
    Stian Alessandro Ekkernes Rossi
  • Art Direction - Movie
    Tommaso Maserati
  • Film
    Kjetil Skårdal Andersen
  • Photography
    Bjørnar Øvrebø